User-specitic data inactivated


I made a table with user-specific columns.
However, it seems I cannot put any data into those columns.


Why is it?
I am viewing the app as my own account.
I tried to switch from Public to Public with Email.
It seems like I am not viewing the app as an user.
But I cannot find any route to sign-in.

My privacy setting.

The related table.

Is it because I dont have any rows in the column?

So all your entries on the screenshot are writing to user-specific columns? Can you record a video or send some screenshots of your settings for this screen?

Sorry, it seems it because I did not put any rows in the table.
But my follow-up question is then why there should be any row?
Is there any way to empty rows but still make users to put data?

You must have a row for Glide to input your data, otherwise they don’t have anywhere to go after you input it.