Deleting User-Specific Column

Hi, I did some optimizations in my app over the weekend to simplify the user experience and clean up unnecessary data (columns that were causing massive amounts of updates).

When I delete a user-specific column, does Glide clean that up in the back-end data?

If I delete a button pointing to a custom form, does Glide remove that form in the back-end?

@david mentioned in a post something about the possibility of giving us a custom action that would enable us to do something specific every time a customer started up the app – whether logged in or not. That would save a ton of updates, because right now I’m trying to keep track of last-use by updating a “last used” column on the user table every time the user makes an action on the menu (the end goal being to remove inactive users at some point).

I was also able to consolidate some tabs and menu options and if I delete the unused tabs and menu options, will that result in faster app loading? I have a half a dozen that are “not visible” but still part of the app.

I think this is a yes. Once you delete a column you won’t get that data back. However the column name is another story. I have had cases when I deleted a column (not necessarily user-specific), then added that back later and it still works in the components I used it. Not everytime though, and the old data did not come back, I have to emphasize.

If you use a “show new screen” navigation then it’s gone, if you use a “show details screen” navigation then it’s not.


I surely appreciate your input!

I have actually seen a bit of performance increase on initial screen loadup when starting the app. Running the app is about par, but was never sluggish, so that’s great. Waiting for feedback from my IOS beta tester (yes, I have one IOS user!)

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