Use an image as a button to go to the next step


I am currently developing an application on glide that would allow the customer to choose a product from a selection of four products.
This application takes the form of a form where the customer enters his data, chooses his product and enters his information.

For the moment, when the customer chooses his product, I use the “choices” element which allows him to choose one product among four. However, I find that this is not didactic and I would like to present the four products in the form of a “card” (which I already do, but he chooses the product he wants with the choice element just below).
The goal for the customer is to click on the product of his choice and get to the next page of the form (like a “next” button) to fill in his delivery information but it’s impossible to do so.

I was thinking of using the set column value action to return to the next page but glide doesn’t offer this solution.
Would you have an idea to solve this problem?


Would a flow like this work:

  • Show a collection like above, the action being “Show details screen of this item”.

  • In the details view of each item, add a form to collect the user’s details.