How Can i create a choices component?

Hi Everyone,

My name is David, and I have been learning glide the past week. The intention is to make a web app/blog where I can cover topics of interest targeting certain audience. I must say I am not technical, but I believe Glide was built for people like myself.

To the question now:
I have an airtable DB where am pulling the content i.e business ideas with descriptions of each idea and how to start. I also plan to include practical/real life case studies of successful businesses in the future.

I am displaying the details on Glide Screens, shown below:

How I want/wish it can work:

Visitor clicks the Go button, a new page/screen opens and they can read about business ideas under that post, Like I have shown below.

So, I am asking someone to help me figure out how I can implement this. My first option was to deploy a choices component and use it to populate the specific post like consultancy business ideas above.

If someone can guide me on how I can use this to pick the business ideas and their respective descriptions from this Airtable DB and dump them into the related glide screen/page? I will be grateful. Here is the Airtable DB

Alternatively, if there is another workflow to help me achieve the goal, I would appreciate the assistance.

David Gitonga

Is the screenshot here:

Pulling from this same database?

My first thought on an improvement is removing the Go button, users won’t want to see the same button on each item. You can just use a “Show details screen” action on each “item click”.

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Hi @ThinhDinh, no, its pulling from different DB. I removed the button.

So you have a separate table for each category of ideas?

That’s a really bad idea. Truly, it is. You should stop now and fix that before you go too far.
Consolidate all of them into a single table and include a column for the Business Ideas Category.

Then in your Business Ideas table (the one you showed above) create a multiple relation that matches the Business Idea column with the Category column in your table that contains the consolidated list.
Then all you need is a single Collection using your Business Ideas table as a source, with a default Item Action of Show Detail Screen. On the next screen you add another Collection and set the multiple relation column as the source. And that’s it, you’re done.

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