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I somehow put together a simple golf app to track time based on a starting time and the amount of time alloted for each hole to see if a group is on time or not. Its been “working” for the past 8 months or so. I have probably no more than 4 total users and no more than 2 using at any given time. We recently started receiving messages about reaching usage limit. Is this a limitation for the free version? I’m not understanding the row usage and what are “updates” or how they are tracked.

Thanks for the help!

An explanation of updates is given below:

Have a read of that, then let us know if you have follow up questions.

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Thank you Darren. Hopefully you can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. The users are selecting a starting time and then a paricular green and my app basically calculates the total time based on the time alloted for each green. For example, user will select 700 am and green 2, my data allows 15 minutes for green 1 and 2 so the report back would be 730 as on time and if the current time is 735, it will also report back as 5 mnutes behind. From this standpoint, I’m trying to see what is being counted as an update to the data or was my mistake in how I made the app available to the users? TIA

How are you letting your users select the time and the “green”? Can you show us some screenshots?

main screen has 2 pull down selections

Looks like you are editing values directly on a detail screen. Each field change is going to cause an update because you are updating the database in real time. Putting those choice components in an Edit form might cut your update count in half because it will only count an update once you click on submit.

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Do your users actually sign in to the App? (or do they need to?)
If the answer is no, then all you really need to do is change those choice components to write to user specific columns, and then your update count will drop to virtually zero.

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My fear was that it’s what @Jeff_Hager and yourself are saying. Like I mentioned, I created the app by starting with a template and finding my way into something that worked without a full understanding of all the details. Is it possible to get some guidance on how to “write to user specific columns” or do I requires users to sign in?

Is there any way to get Glide to reset my update limit due to operator error?


When your users open the App, do they have to sign in? Surely you know the answer to that question?

Whether or not they do is controlled by the Privacy Settings that you configure. If they don’t currently sign in, and you have no reason to require that they do, then User Specific columns is the simple solution.

To implement those, all you need to do is create two new columns - one for each of the choice components, and make these new columns user specific. Then reconfigure the choice components to use those columns.

Your usage count will automatically reset at the end of each monthly billing period.