Urgent! storage limit

Our mobile apps started showing notification “This app has reached its file storage limit”.
How to access the storage?
Should my storage limit be only 50GB, is there any way we can purchase extra storage without upgrading our plan?
Urgent,! Please help.
My users all complaining that the apps super duper slow.

You don’t. To free up storage, you need to remove any reference to images and files you no longer need in your tables, or delete the row altogether.

Do you have any duplicates of your app or tables? Glide has an annoying bug where it will count files more then once if you have multiple apps that use the same tables or reference the same file more than once. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but I’m still waiting for a fix because files with the same url, that aren’t actual duplicates, shouldn’t be counted more then once. It’s preventing me from finishing a secondary app that is supposed to compliment a primary app, because all files are counted twice if I add a reference to the exact same table with the exact same for urls, and it pushes me over the storage limit for my plan.

Your storage limit is based on your plan. If the plan said 50GB when you purchase it, then yes that’s correct.