URGENT: Mobile Redirect

Hi guys, I asked a few days back how to redirect mobile-desktop pages to their respective subdomains (one designed on Apps, the other on Pages).

I know that most people will say that I should stick to pages/ have a responsive app/ shouldn’t have a different versions, etc. But I just spent a month building both the app and Web, and now urgently need to publish both of them by Friday. The problem is, I just found out that there is no internal feature on Glide that can redirect them based on the device.

Ca anyone please help me? I’m on the clock, it’s very stressful because I’m out of option and I would appreciate any help. Thank you so much.

You could build your own landing page that uses JavaScript to detect the UserAgent, and then redirect to either/or.

Don’t ask me how to do it, because I never have. But I know it can be done.