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Hey Gliders ! i’m making an app under the free plan but i want to upgrade to have my custom domain name and i have a question about it.
I already have a website that delivers the same content on the app basically they are the same and i want to be able. to redirect users based on the device ‘‘Desktop / mobile’’ and i want to ask if their is anyway to redirect them to the glide app if they are on mobile and the website if they are on desktop / PC.
I was able to make it happen but only using some url shorteners and not the main domain like Thanks!

What is the user journey in your case? They search for your name on Google, then when they click on your website they will be redirected either to the app or the website?

Correct as all plateforms do when you visit the website if you’re on mobile it directs you to the app store or playstore in my case i want to redirect to the glide web app via link if it not possible via the same domain name i’m fine with the link

I guess this is more of website configuration thing. I found the example below.

When you get it right I think you can do something like this.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh I’ll check that

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