Upload daily lesson rates from 1 to 10

Hello Glide Community, I need an app to collect simple data.

Students and professors needs to upload a daily rate (1 to 10) for different group lessons.

So the students must be able to log in and upload the daily rate of the lesson as well as the professor.

But the professor must be able to see the rate that every student makes vs. his daily rate and the average of the class vs. his daily rate.

And as admin, I need to be able to track all that and see it in a weekly or monthly bar graphic.

Is this possible to do in a Glide? Any help on how to start?

It’s possible but it’s going to eat up a lot of rows if you’re having every student rate every teacher every day. You also have to make sure that your students are over the age of 13 in order to use Glide.


Hello Robert, thanks for your faster reply.

Yes, the students are over 16 years old, and thanks for that vital information.

I have no experience with coding, and looking for help on youtube; I found your Youtube Channel an exciting feed!

Would you be able to recommend any template that I can start to work with?
Or do you have any suggestions on how to approach this project?


How many “rates” do you need every day? As Robert said, this can eat up your quota very fast and you have to consider the right Glide plan to purchase.

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Hello ThinDinh,

I will need around 25 rates per day

Thanks for your help

Assuming we have around 22 days of study each month, not including weekends, that would be around 550 “adds” for each month.

I don’t know if there will be “edits” or “syncs” for your Project, but please review the pricing here.

I think you can start building a MVP version on Free/Starter, then upgrade as needed.

But they will have to rate every day, for every class? Is that a bit too much?

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Sounds like a good use case for Big Tables


Yes, the key point is to track the daily rate, I understand that that will require a lot of rows but I can modify that.

Guys, do you know if there is a template with a similar tools or structure that I can use as a start point? I was looking in different categories but I can’t find something similar.

I really appreciate your time and support


If you can’t find any templates, and have some time, I would suggest starting fresh so that you can understand all concepts of the app and can easily make adjustments later. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.