🆕 UPDATED Glidegram - social media app (follow/unfollow, unread messages & more)

Hey @Lucas_Pires

Would you explain how you achieved this?

It looks awesome.

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Increment on the like number column + show notification, it seems.


I might be wrong but it looks like the first tap doesn’t actually increase the like. The second tap seems to be the one increasing it as well as showing the notification. I might be wrong though.

Edit: This is what I think it’s happening. The first tap is prolly setting a user specific date and time. Then there is a condition in which of the user-specific value is not empty then increment the likes.

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  1. First Condition:
    If “incr_Likes” column doesnt equal to 1

Will increment “incr_Likes” column by 1 (first tap glide just recognize the touch, incrementing only the second tap)

  1. Second condition:
    If “incr_Likes” column equals to 2 and Time Stamp column (user-specific) is empty


  • Show Notification: Liked!

  • Increment a “Likes” column (not user-specific) by 1

  • and Set Columns:

    • "is favorite?" to “incr_Likes” (the number 1 will makes it be true)
    • "Time Stamp" to current date/time


Set Column:


Thanks @Lucas_Pires!

Appreciate it!


@Lisa @SantiagoPerez, and everyone

I studied better this situation, and updated the action above.

Before I was using the increment till 2, but the first tap glide just recognizes the touch, incrementing only the second tap

The older action, incrementing till 2, glide was recognizing 3 taps as @SantiagoPerez said too.

Now, it’s just slick! :fire:

Test the double click: https://harmonious-trick-7630.glideapp.io/


Good job @Lucas_Pires!

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@Lucas_Pires Excellent work :+1:

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Thank you @SantiagoPerez @Rosewebstudio!!

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That happens because in your previous life you created a glidegram account :joy:

Updated template pending!

With all of the new features Glide team has released, Glidegram was due for an update. Main updates below:

  • Removed Google formulas - aside from array column for row owner security
  • Follow and unfollow users - finally! (also has a “Follow Back” indication if a user follows the logged-in user
  • Create chats with new custom actions feature - no need for forms
  • New explore tab with a custom search bar
  • Change and update usernames without duplicating usernames
  • Unread messages indicator - a new message appears that the user has not read, a green dot will appear in the chat listing

If there are any other features you’d like to see, just reply!


Great work

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Hi @Lisa how did you created the images to showcase App?

Really impressive :star_struck: congrats @Lisa !

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@lisa Apologies in advance for this, but I’m a stickler for detail… :face_with_monocle:

I noticed in one of your screenshots the text “1 Chat Requests Pending…”

That would bug the bejeebus out of me, so I’d probably have an ITE column:

If ChatRequests = 1
  "Chat Request Pending..."
  "Chat Requests Pending..."



LOL I can’t hate on facts! I will update this. I have it for followers, (IF 1 follower THEN “Follower”, ESLE…) but missed this one.


Is this done by comparing the last opened time to the timestamp of the last comment made?


Should probably add it to the resources thread. Previewed is also good.



Great! Thanks for sharing