Unique contestant : help an agricultural project :)


I have created that form https://concoursgourmand22.glide.page/

I work in agriculture and we want to encourage visitors to go to the farms this summer in Québec, Canada. It is a contest.

We will have a QR code (linked to the form above) displayed in the farms as well as on a map and visitors will scan it and fill in the above form each time. The more farms you visit the more points you get. At the end of summer we’ll count the results and people will get a chance to win prices.

My question how can i prevent people from scanning the QR code and/or make multiple entries without visiting the farms. I thought about geolocalisation but we don’t have the budget to go pro.

Any idea?


If I’m not mistaken, barcode scanning in glide is only available with pro plans and above…and with that, I believe it’s only linear barcodes. So that may be your primary obstacle, unless you have a different way to scan QR codes.

As for geolocalization, I think a distance column to measure the user’s current location to a set of coordinates would allow you to set visibility and filter controls as needed. Using coordinates instead of an address will not only be more accurate, but will eliminate the need for those addresses to be geocoded into coordinates. Using coordinates instead of addresses helps to overcome any limitations.

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Thanks Jeff for taking the time to respond. People are not going to be scanning bar codes, just the QR code that is offered in the share page and just to follow the link to the form, thety will then fill in the form to enter the contest.

Yes I thought about geolocalisation but I think the free feature only allows 10 geolocalized users. Are you saying that using coordinates eliminates that? Also if you use geolocalisation, each user needs to sign in I guess. To facilitate the whole process I was not going to have people signing in.

No, geo does have anything to do with the number of users. It’s more in reference to the number of addresses that have to be geocoded to coordinates, or the number of pins on a map at one time.

You should only need a set of coordinates for each farm. Then you can add a distance column which will calculate the distance from each user’s current location to each farm location. This should not require the user to sign in. Then on your form, you could replace your “Gourmet Stop” text entry component with a choice component filtered to only show stops within 0.5km for example.

I’m not familiar with your event, so I might be making this too simple. But instead of scanning, can they get a code or password from a staff member at the farm and enter that to confirm their visit? If they aren’t literally at the farm…they can’t get today’s password.

Additional marketing as well if staff members are wearing a button that says, “Ask me today’s Gourmet Stops code!”

When they enter the code on the app, they get a success message of, “You have checked in at Johnson’s Farm for XX points.”

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+1 for the solution to have staff have a code that they would share with visitors. Seems to be the easiest solution for what you want while also getting guests to interact with those on the farms.

If not then Jeff’s solution sounds like a good way to “automate” a bit more.

Also, looks like an interesting campaign! I will need to go some point this summer to participate :wink:

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