Geofencing for Employees

Can my Glide App provide geofencing?

I assume that all the users using your app allowing location services regardless they are signed in or not.

1 - Create a locations table with GPS information.
2 - Create a “distance” column through data editor.
3 - Create an “if-else” column. if the “distance” is less than “geofence threshold” (I used 0,5 km) return “TRUE” else “FALSE”

Sorry, was that for creating a geofence or geolocation based service?

Yeah this should be the right way. Calculate distance from “current location” to the office location, then the If Then Else column is one in their user profiles data. Set tab visibility based on that should work.

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I got it now
It needs active tracking
My workaround cannot work if the app is open when the user is moving.

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Thank you

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I’m using the workaround I suggested for my locations.
I’m providing price list to my clients but our prices are different based on location. Whenever the QR is scanned the app kicks in and locks you to the location.
It works very smooth for me.


@zeki which QR scanner are you using?

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Hello @Krivo,
I’m using IOS native qr scanner which is located in control center.
For QR management I’m using beaconstac

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@zeki is that something you want to share - like a video of what you do. Sounds interesting :+1:

Of course
The application is still in development
But you can check it from

I can also record a small video to show how I achieve it


@zeki very nice looking app.

If you are willing to do a video on how you use the QR functionality that would be cool.

The etiquette section could, in my opinion, be made even nicer if you included some images along the the etiquette text. At present it seems a bit “empty” when there is only a little text.

But overall - very nice and clean app​:+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks so much for the comments @Krivo
It’s still in development and I need to do many adjustments.

Actually, I didnot do something special about QR code, I’m using the QR for the URL directly.
Because there is still no deeplinking support in Glide.

Could you please describe more what you need to know about QR idea?

I have no experience with the iOS build in QR scanner in relation to the app

I have been using an api for reading QR code’s. You can have a look in this app

I would like to know more about how to use QR code’s in relation to geofencing and generally how to make use of QR code’s (or 1D code’s)

I haven’t figured out how you use the native QR scanner in relation to your app. Therefore a video would be great.

Anyway - thx for sharing

Hello @Krivo
Actually there is no direct relation with QR code and the app.
The QR code (one and only) are located inside all of my locations.
These locations are defined in locations table with their GPS values inside my app.
Whenever somebody is inside on of my locations they scan the QR code via their mobile cameras.
The app opens and asks for the location services after you allow the service a distance columns inside the locations table is populated.
Whenever this value is less than 0.5 km. main screen of my app is automatically locked to that location and the price list which belongs to it.

But if you open the application from outside of these locations. It gives you the ability of choosing the location and check them freely.

I shot a quick movie


I forgot to explain how I capture the location you are in


I like how you have English/Turkish set up. I wish it was possible for Asian languages. The google translators unfortunately translate Asian words as something else. But really nice se up. Like your app. :+1:

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Thanks so much @Wiz.Wazeer
I wish, I could have a chance to do it based on user’s mobile locale without the need of unnecessary click

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Even though this is not geofencing in the technical sense of that term, I like the point at which it becomes a geofence. You obviously cannot create a geofence. You need special software. But, @zeki is capturing their locations as soon as they scan the QR code. It’s scanning for the geolocation of an individual and then giving it the semblance of a geofence from that moment onwards. Geofencing is live tracking and tracing of movements, which this isn’t but who cares. Still works for targeted marketing. BTW, You can use your iOS/Android device to create a geofence. But I like @zeki’s approach because it doesn’t break the law. He is taking consent in some manner or form, whereas with geofencing per se the consequences can be more draconian than GDPR breaches. I remember a time when Starbucks was heavily invested in it. But now big retailers are using it. It’s massive business.

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