Unespected tab reset

For the 3° time, when I open the dashboard I find the last TAB added, completly reset. It shows, as components, all the columns in the sheet and the inline list preferences are reset too.
Anyone knows why this fact happens and how to avoid it?? Is there any mistake I’m doing?
Thankyou in advance, Paolo

Can you please show us with screenshots what changed?

Unsure if I’m experiencing the same thing as Paolo described, but I have noticed that the independent screen configurations in an app I am building have completely reset 3 times now, seemingly at random. The list detail pages show the independent configurations for a short period of time and then reset, showing all columns.

EDIT: And the ‘independent configurations’ checkbox remains checked the whole time.

The same thing has been happening to me !
Every time I add a new sheet to my data (as I am adding new functionalities), the independent screen configuration resets…
I’ve had to redesign my whole app twice now, and it’s very upsetting.

Yeah you’re right, it happens when a new column is added to a sheet.

We’ll look into it. Thank you for reporting this!

Yes! Exactly the same situation. A little scared… Thankyou Jaime

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Thanks mark :+1:

This happened to me a while ago. I was working in the “Data” menu. What I think I did wrong was that I changed under the “Email” column “Remove the row owner” and all of a sudden, I lost content on some tabs. I had to go back and restore the row owner and problem was solved.

This bug will be fixed tomorrow.

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Thanks mark. I just re-tested and it’s only when I add a new column to the user sheet, in case that helps.

It also happened to me the settings are reset only because i added a tab or delete a column, i had to reconfigure my app about five times because of that.