Understanding linked Glide Tables

I’m making some progress after being very confused about this subject and wanted to share what I’ve learned, plus ask for others to chime in.

Here’s what I think I know

  • There are 2 ways to link an existing Glide Table - manually with the Table + button and Sync, or by duplicating a project and picking “Keep same sheet” (a change to the word “sheet” and the green icon could help make it more clear what’s happening with the Glide Tables)

  • Once a Glide Table is linked to 2 or more projects, it can have different names in each project but is still the same table. The name that appears in the “Link a Glide Table” list popup will be whatever is the most recent rename. The somewhat tricky process for renaming a Glide Table has been covered previously.

  • Other things about the “Link a Glide Table” list: Hovering over the number shows the projects using that table (this was key for me to finding my way out of the wilderness). The only way to delete a Glide Table, even if it’s not used in any project, is to add it to a project and then delete it. I don’t know how to change my account settings so the last modified time is in my timezone.

I would love to see a way to manage all Glide Tables at the Team level, including deleting and renaming. I think it would be less confusing if linked tables had the same name everywhere.

Let me know if you have come up with any best practices for managing Glide Tables!

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