Unable to use negative numbers in Value Entry

Since yesterday, fields that use a negative number on Value Entry is not able more to use “-“ because the iPhone keyboard displayed on screen doesn’t bring this option. For now, I’m copying and pasting.

Something may have changed as a result of this thread below. I don’t think IOS has a proper number pad keyboard. Easy solution…get an Android. :wink:


I’m having a lot of people using this in iPhone asking me if there is no more way to put negative numbers in iPhone. Will it be fixed?

@marcovrj Yes I see this. I’ll get back to you about it asap.

@marcovrj - I’ve mentioned it to the team and we’re on it. Thanks for alerting us. I’ll try and update you when it’s fixed.

It’s working now! Thanks!

Hey, it’s happening again, now with Android phones.


Hush, @ThinhDinh. :wink: I’m sure it’s a simple explanation.

@marcovrj Which type of entry component are you using? Which device? Also, are you using the default android keyboard, or a third party keyboard?


I’m using default Samsung keyboard in exact same app as previous, in Value Entry. I have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

I found this old website, which seems kind of related.

I’m wondering if it’s the Samsung keyboard, but I would be curious to see what happens with your app on my phone using Gboard. Do you have a sample app where you can duplicate the issue and the rest of us can try and see what it looks like? Have you had any recent system or keyboard app updates to your phone?

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:rofl: :rofl:


It’s a Samsung issue. I tested in Gboard.

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That’s interesting. I tried to do some searching to see if there were any existing issues with the samsung keyboard or a way to fix it. Didn’t have much luck though. Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the lr button on your samsung number pad?

It means “Go” in portuguese.

I’ve installed Gboard even I don’t like to install anything in my gadgets that I don’t use everyday to do not decrease my performance, but it was the way to solve this for a while until Samsung or Glide to solve this issue. :expressionless:
In other app, Samsung keyboard is working correctly.