Number Pad Entry

Where there is an obvious number entry component, I sure would like for the number entry to come up instead of the Alpha Keyboard.

Number entry for miles (and such) would be so much easier on my app.

The Number Entry component should be doing this. I use Android. What kind of device do you you have?


Hmmm, can’t help much there. Maybe other iphone users can help.

So anybody with an iphone have a different screen/setting? Wondering if it is just me (or my phone)

Alpha keyboard also in my iPhone for number fields

Likewise with me, alpha keyboard on iPhone :frowning:

It seems on my iPhone today the NUMBER PAD came up when entering numbers. Yay!!!

It seems that TODAY - I no longer have the NUMBER PAD when I enter numbers?

It was not there, then it was, NOW it is gone!

Any other iphone people have this?

Likely not much help but

We changed it back to the alphanumeric keyboard, because the number keyboard wouldn’t let you enter negative numbers.

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Maybe it can be a creator option. I could click what I want the user to see.

Thanks for a great product!

I think it all depends on the type of entry field. If you change to phone entry, it would probably give you the keyboard you want, but it would show a picture of a phone on the right side of the entry field. Maybe if we could turn on or off those little icons.