Enable numeric keyboard (numbers only) on iOS

Something that works well on Android does not work correctly on iOS. I am referring to when we set a field to type numeric on Android, it correctly displays only numbers, but on iPhone, it displays the alphanumeric keyboard. I understand that this is because the iPhone numeric keyboard does not allow entering negative numbers. However, instead of disabling the iPhone numeric keyboard, as they have done, they should leave it up to the developer’s choice. In my case, I don’t need negative numbers, but I do need a numeric-only keyboard, since my end user doesn’t understand technical explanations and just wants to see numbers when entering a numeric field (which is perfectly understandable).

Now, instead of that, I will have to develop an on-screen numeric keyboard using buttons, which is neither practical nor easy to do. It is very tedious, so I request that the iOS numeric keyboard be re-enabled and allow users to choose whether they want the option for negative numbers or not.

Thank you.

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