Unable to open app on mobile

I have upgraded my app https://wevet.care to pro and requested an external group of testers to test the app. However, 4 out of the six testers ( 3 Using Samsung A6 Plus & J8 - Samsung & Chrome browser & 1 iPhone 6 IOS ver12.4.3 – Safari browser) where unable to load the app on their mobiles as they keep on getting the following message:

Not secured:
Configuration in progress, please wait…

Please advise.

The issue should self resolve over a couple hours as local caches invalidate.

I can open iPhone 10

A tester using Samsung J8, just sent me a copy of the error message that he keeps getting when attempting to access the app.

Your customer is trying to access www.wevet.care but your app is hosted at wevet.care, with no www.

I think your security certificate would have to apply to the domain wevet.care as well as the subdomain www.wevet.care. They are getting the error because the website does not match the website address in the certificate. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the domain provider or the certificate provider.

Glide apps can only have one custom domain, not two.

So, I assume there would need to be a redirect from the www.wevet.care subdomain to the wevet.care domain? Just guessing…

Yes, if you wanted to support both.

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Thanks @david and @Jeff_Hager. Taking out the www prefix seems to have taken care of the problem for some testers while another user with Samsung J8 still has a problem loading the app.

It’s woth noting that the app also does not load on Internet explorer and only shows a white screen.


Internet Explorer is garbage in my opinion… :crazy_face:

wevet.care works great for me.

www.wevet.care appears to be redirecting to wevet.care, but with the configuration message appears.

Not sure what’s going on.