Unable to Locate App Under Application List - IOS

Good evening,
I am trying to troubleshoot a bug for a user regarding the location set up. While doing so I noticed the application no longer appears under the phones (IOS) Applications list (located via Settings > Notifications >Application Name> enabled/disabled). Previously I would access the application settings via this route to enable/disable notification permissions and location sharing. Both of which are being used in the application.

I checked on an Android device and the application is still appearing under the devices application list (image attached)

, so it just seems to be an IOS change at the minute.

I currently have an onboarding process to enable push notification which is working. But cannot identify how a user can change the settings after this, as done so before. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of how a user can update Notification permissions via a different route?

I can see my app with notifications here. iOS 17.4 Developer Beta.

Thank you for replying this helped us compare with additional IOS devices with varying software updates.

As a result of this we identified the software on the device itself was not playing a part and it was instead the below:

Once downloaded to the home screen, if a User opts to enable the push notifications when prompted the application will appear under the IOS devices applications list. However if the application is downloaded to the home screen, but the User opts out of the push notifications the application will not appear under the devices application list.

That’s weird. Can you look into this @NoCodeAndy ? Thank you.

Looks like an issue with how iOS handles web app notifications.

I did some quick searching.

From what I’ve been able to find, it looks like the solution is to remove the web app from the home screen, and re-add it. Then you’ll be able to enable push notifications.

Thank you for looking into this and your feedback. I will make sure I include guides for this process to assist users moving forward.


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