I can't use Push Notification at all?

I can’t use Push Notification at all? Even though I updated to the latest IOS, when I press the action button, nothing happens, no notification appears on the screen at all. How should I solve it? Or what should I do? Ask someone who knows. Please tell me.

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Make sure to read the docs on how to set up push notifications— there are a couple of steps that need to happen first before you can send them/receive them.

Push notifications can be a bit finicky. This is especially true on iOS. If you’ve signed in/out of different accounts on the installed app, or previously disabled notifications, then they tend to fail. Here are the steps I’ve found to “restore” push notification functionality to any given user:

  • Delete the installed app
  • Clear browsing history
  • If your “Request to allow push notifications” action is conditional to only run when the user hasn’t allowed them yet, then make sure to clear that column (reset their settings).
  • Re-install the app & sign back in.