Issue with Push Notifications

Is the push notification system experiencing issues? Since morning, I’ve tried sending push notifications several times but no one seems to be receiving them. Even when I switched to sending them only to my own email, they weren’t received.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 07.05.16

What does this mean? Does it show pending tasks? @NoCodeAndy, can you help me check this?

The number indicates the number of updates the action will consume.
That said, some of them are showing an incorrect number (this has been reported).


Hi gliders.
I am trying to enable push notifications and have followed all the steps. But I am not receiving any notifications. In iOS the apps do not appear in the notifications section as they are not an app as such, so I can’t see if you have them blocked.
Is this functionality operational?
It is possible to send a notification without sending the conformity to receive it, isn’t it?

Hi @NoCodeAndy, has this issue been resolved?

There are issues with web push notifications on iOS, which is why it’s still in Preview mode.

Twilio should be a more reliable alternative, or routing through another 3rd party via Zapier.


OK, thank you very much. I haven’t tested it on Android. I will report to you the results.

Unfortunately it also doesn’t work on Android.

Hmm. Alright. I’ll look into that. What’s the app ID?

But I have a question…where is the setting to add, in the push notification, a big image? and where to choose the little icon?
These are from my actual OneSignl setting: