Push Notifications not showing?

Hi … I’d love to get push notifications working - especially on iOS. However, I am not seeing this integration anywhere. Any ideas … see attached screenshot:

I’m I looking in the wrong place??

You may need to adjust your team settings. I believe it’s still in Preview. To enable it, you must turn it on in the Previews menu on your team settings.

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And please note that it’s a Beta feature, so it’s not stable. There have been reports in recent weeks that it does not work well, so please beware.

I am curious, and it might be worth trying again:

  1. Enable the use of Push Notifications in the team dashboard Settings > Preview Feature, to display the option in your integration list.

  2. Do not apply “Beta” in your application.

  3. Granted Issue: Ensure that all gadgets have granted permissions, including the browser where the application is installed (this part is often disabled by users).