Push Notifications, help please


I saved app to homepage (not classic app). I tried to use push notification function but it did nothing. So I went to iOS notification setting and I could not find my app on the list of notifications. (iOS 16.5)

What did I miss?

Thank you


Not tried it myself yet but does this help? :point_down:

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Thank you.

According to this

-Supported Operating System: Mine is 16.5 so I think I should be fine with this topic
-User Permission: My phone did not warn me about requesting permission from glide app at all. I do not know why. So I went to Notifications setting in my phone and I could not find my glide app on the list. (I saved it on home screen already)

  • Special considerations for mobile: I did save on my home screen.

I have no idea what to check next

I believe there is a separate action for allowing push notifications… (allow notifications) or something like that.

You need the user to accept that message first… then you could push… or have you done that already?


There is no message to the user at all like this in pic.


I tried using all of push noti choices (one at a time). but still no message for the user to allow push noti

Just to be clear you need to use this action first “Request to send push notifications”

If you’re on 16.5 → installed the app to your home screen → triggered the action “Request to send push notifications” → and it still doesn’t work… then it might be a bug (or possibly some pop-up blocker)


At first, I am not sure which one should I use so I tried them all. But I will try it again.
Thank you so much.

In iOS there is pop up blocker too? Could you please tell me where I should check about this?

Usually when nothing pops up, it’s because the user hasn’t installed the app, or isn’t on the latest iOS. I know you said neither is the case for you though. I’m wondering if maybe the pop up doesn’t occur if you already gave the app permission? You can check the status of permission with the “Push notifications access granted” action.

I’m thinking perhaps you already have notification permissions in order, but did not receive a push notification due to other reasons, when you tested it. Who did you send the test notification to? If you have emails made anonymous, notifications will only work with send to everyone.


Thank you so much MatthewS for helping me understand how to use access granted.
Here is what I did from your advice:

I created button to check access, I got false

The column <> AllowPushNoti did not show when I set access granted action so I created another column for it ‘test’

Then I created second button to request push noti but once I clicked my phone did not give me pop up to ask permission.

I think I stuck to this step, requesting permission (my glide app is already on home screen).
Please advice me.

Maybe this is the reason why I got false when I use access granted? but my english is limited, I am not fully understand what Ron explained in this post. Could you please explain me more?