Push notifications blocking from iPhone

Hi, fellow gliders.

I am trying to send notifications from my glide app. I saved it on my home screen but still no popup from my phone. At first, I thought it because of popup blocking on safari setting so I turn it off. But my app still did not work. Any suggestions? Here are some pics:

This is the rest of safari settings

I tried both request to send and send notifications but still nothing.

Thank you

Sorry you’re still stuck on this! I’m not sure what the problem is…

Have you tried setting recipient email to send to everyone?
Is that email that you showed, the email on your user profiles for the email login, and is your app using real email addresses?

Actually… I think your issue is before either of those could be affecting it, because earlier you said the result of “Push notifications access granted” was false. Until you get that to report true, the two questions above don’t have any bearing. Now how to get that to report true? Besides installing app and updating iOS… idk…

You are logged into this app, yes?


I was so excited to build my own app. I never thought this could be possible, thanks to Glide.
Push Notification was the last step before introducing to my customers :smiling_face_with_tear:.

  • I tried send to everyone, did not work.
  • I put my email instead the one that you see, did not work.
  • I also tried to choose email from user profile, did not work.
    My app using collect real email address, I upgraded to PRO.

I agreed. My app is on my home screen and my phone is 16.5 iOS. I do not know how to get to TRUE . I have no idea where else I could check.

UPDATE: I got popup from my phone asking permission (YESSSSSSS FINALLY), I clicked allow but when I checked on access granted still give me FALSE. WHYYYY :cry:

Yes, I tried with my app on the phone.

I appreciate your thoughts, thank you so much.

Did you check the “access granted” thing from the same device? Try showing that value in a component, and check from the same device that you granted access to.

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I got TRUE, HURAYYYY. Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Still sending push noti is last problem that I have to figure it out why it did not send.
I will play around more.

Thank you so much for keeping me company on this problem. Love Glide community.

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