Request to send push notifications?

This is a new push feature (Push notification access granted) as previously there were only two options available (a week ago)
I’m just trying to understand the process -

  1. Push Notifications access granted - this can be a button in the app that a user must click to allow notifications to be sent to their device and it allows them to receive those notifications. This action checks a box in the column we specify to indicate that the user has allowed notifications. We can use the checked box to hide the button so the user doesn’t keep clicking the button for no reason.

  2. Send push notifications to specific or all users - this is just an action, seems easy.

  3. Request to send push notifications - what’s this for? - i created a column using this but i’m not sure what it’s used for since i couldn’t write info to that column and it doesn’t seem to compute anything?

As I understand it, this is an action to show a popup on the user’s device asking them if they want to allow notifications.

I used that previously but now they have this push notification access granted option which you can send the result to a specific column so you know who has allowed notifications. It seems to be working, but i’m not sure i’m doing this all correctly. I suppose these features were all created very recently so hopefully the documentation and help videos will come out soon👍

The small Docs link in blue only shows info about request and send, not access granted. (i’m sure all will be revealed soon👏)


Yeah, I’m not sure about that one.

I use this request to send push notifications action to my button but it did not show popup on my iphone. I clicked on access granted button before and it gave me ‘false’ on my data.

What did I do wrong? Please help

I haven’t worked with that integration so I’m not sure. I also don’t have an iPhone, so can’t help much with that either.


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yeah yeah!!!

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Thank you for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

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