Push Notifications access not working

We are created a button that uses an action change to request for push notifications and another one that grant access in the table with access checkpoint. But it is not working.

Can you clarify what you mean by “not working”? Does Glide send the request to allow push notifications to the devices? If yes, have they allowed it but the value does not get pushed to the Notifications Access column?

Also, it seems like your Notifications Access column is a calculated column, not a basic one. Can you clarify on that?

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We have a ‘notification access’ table in the user profile. This table is set to recognize if ‘push notifications are granted’. To do this, we have a button labeled ‘allow push notifications’. This button requests to ‘send push notifications’ and updates the user table with ‘push notifications are granted’.

We’ve also set an action to trigger a notification if a certain condition is met, in our case, if a variable equals 1.

The issue we are encountering is that when we use the app on our phones, the system doesn’t prompt us to allow push notifications after pressing the ‘allow push notifications’ button. Likewise, the user table doesn’t reflect any changes. This behavior persists across different user profiles when accessed through the glide constructor.

The application is still in private mode and hasn’t been made public yet.

We need help to understand why these issues are happening and how to resolve them.

You still haven’t answered this, I think? Shouldn’t you write the “notification access” boolean to a normal boolean column, or are you using this as a column itself?

I did use this same action a while ago, writing to a normal column, and it works normally.

Please also make sure you’re on the right iOS version. Can you clarify what version are you on?

Hi, the column is this:

What if you use it as an action and write to a normal column, instead of using it as a column?

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