Unable to get user data

I am unable to get the link of the user data exported from the settings section under Data. Clicked on “Export App Data”, the notification says that the link would be emailed to my mail id, but I am unable to the link with the user data. Can someone please help?

My app is a simple app to calculate the time taken to become a millionaire. Users sign-in using their email id, and then use the app to generate a value. For every user, a value would be getting generated which is what I am trying to retrieve.

If you try to sign in to the real app, do you receive PINs from Glide normally? Just trying to think of problems that may occur when Glide sends an email to your account.

Yes, people are able to get the emails with PIN to sign-in.

I know this doesn’t resolve your issue but can’t you just see/grab this data from within glide?

Not sure why you need to download?


So there is only one row that is getting populated, and I am not sure where the email ids are being captured in the table.

Why I need this is because I am running an ad campaign and would want to know how many people came to the app and used it by putting in the values. This will help me know the ROI for the campaign.

PS: I am on a free version

Not sure you will get what you need on a free app


I am okay with virtual, I just need to know how many signed-in and used the app. Glide is allowing me to export the data also, but the link is never reaching my email id.

I believe you need to have user profiles enabled.


You then see the data in the underlying tables.

Here is an example I just created where I have set user profiles.

You now see the email in the sheet

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 08.16.54 Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 08.16.47

As well as an App: Login tab

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 08.16.21

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 08.16.12

Hope this helps!