Issue with my Users' visibility into data

I’ve built a CRM-like app that will mostly be used by an internal team providing a service between a company and an individual. The internal team is providing a “middleman” service.

For the external individuals, I’ve limited their visibility to only seeing data associated with his or her profile based on the email.

In my preview of the app, it’s working properly. When I publish it, it’s not working at all. I’m even getting errors that the email address is not in the system. However, when I go into the data editor, the email is clearly in there.

Users & Authentication:
Set to either the source table of “Users” table or the “Residents” table (the user’s email address is in either and success doesn’t seem to matter on which)


  • Public
  • Requires sign-in

What exactly isn’t working?

Where are you seeing this error?

How are you limiting what the user can see?

After published, it either says “The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.” or I’d go into the app and it wouldn’t filter out anything.

When I am in app development, it’s showing me what I want to see and only what I want to see. So, this is clearly an issue with the user or login access.

Maybe this video of me walking through it helps. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Have you tried signing in using a real (valid) email address?

@justin_m - just adding to my reply, I believe the behaviour you are seeing is expected and correct. Glide is smart enough to know that is not a real email address, so it prevents any user from attempting to sign in using that domain. What would you expect to happen if Glide allowed it? You’d be stuck at the next step, because the PIN code would be sent into a black hole, and you’d have no way to retrieve it.

If you try using a valid email address from a valid domain, it should work.

(I didn’t mention the above in my initial reply, because I wanted to test for myself and confirm the behaviour first)


Oh, interesting. I never thought of it like that.

So, it’s making it impossible for me to test as a demo situation with a client but I can see the benefits overall.

Why impossible?

Do you have a Gmail account?
What you can do is add multiple users with variations of your own email account, for example:

  • etc…

Glide will treat each as a separate user, but you’ll be able to sign in with each, and the PIN emails will all go to the same account.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, it’s free to create one.

I think it would be beneficial for your client to see that there are security procedures in place with published Glide apps, rather than allowing you to simply type any email address and get immediate access without proving that your are the owner of that email. If it worked as you expected, what would stop Darren, myself, or Joe Schmoe from accessing someone else’s data.

Also, it is a fact that Glide ignores the domain on their back end, so that is why you are being denied access to that specific domain. Any emails from that domain are known to be fake.

The Gmail trick is very useful, but as another alternative, I also tend to use Mailinator a lot. It allows you to make up an any email, and has a publicly accessible inbox so you can retrieve the pin.