My users cannot see data they've added


I have a weird issue where my users are not able to see data they’ve added.

For example, I have the below set-up for a screen:

The idea is that users should see data which they own, based on their email address, as row owners.

What works:

  • when I use the app with my own email address (as one of its users), I can add data for myself and it shows in the source Google Sheet
  • when I add data via the Glide web builder, viewing as one of my other users, I can add data for them and it also shows in the source Google Sheet, even capturing their user email address (and thus the user can see that data)

What doesn’t work:

  • users using the app themselves and attempting to add data for themselves - in the source Google Sheet, the data is added, but the user email address is blank (so they can’t see their own data)

I’m stuck at the moment so I’d be grateful for any feedback :slight_smile:

Do you require users to sign in to your app before they can add data? ie. is it possible that users are adding data without being signed in?

Yep, users have to sign in - I double-checked to be sure (screenshot below).

There’s a ‘choice’ column in the above screen which shows options based on which user they’ve logged in as, so I guess they’re all signed in.

Is this something you added recently to your app to write the email? I’m wondering if the change hasn’t migrated to all users yet. Usually force closing and reopening an app will force it to get the latest interface changes.

Data will sync between the user and glide instantly, but changes to the app interface can take a little longer to migrate.

Hmm, it’s been a few days since I’ve added this to the interface, unfortunately it’s been an issue for all that time. It’s odd because it works on my version of the app just fine.

When you say “your version”, do you mean it works only in the builder, or does it work for you when you use the published version? Is it only certain users you have problems with, or is it any user using the published version?

That brings me to another question…do you have automatical publishing turned on for the app, or do you have it set so you have to manually publish any changes?

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Apologies, “my version” = the published version of the app (viewed on my mobile device), when I’ve logged in with my own email address.

It seems like all users are having the issue, based on feedback received so far.

Yep, automatic publishing is turned on.

Hmm, I’m not sure what could be happening. Seems like you have everything set up correctly. I think you may want to submit a bug to Glide support in this case.

Agreed, it’s all very odd! Appreciate the assistance in any case. I’ve submitted a bug, fingers crossed someone can resolve this.

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