User data back to Google Sheet?

Is there a way that the people using my app can have their data all go back to my original sheet?

That is the idea. The can add an existing row of data or add a new one. You control if they can edit or add in your Glide app, and what data they can edit and/or add.

My problem is that when Privacy is set to Google email, it actually writes the data to a different sheet under their account, and not my original sheet. I can see the data in the database, but it does not modify my original sheet?

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Have you actually seen the data in their spreadsheet? What David is saying is that it may be in your spreadsheet but as the last row, with a whole bunch of blanks above the new data. This happens when you use arrayformulas of other formulas that write all the way down a column even if it writes blank data. To test this delete all the empty rows below where your data stops. If you add a new piece of data it will append a new row and be at the bottom of your data.

I stick to using the details view and only allowing edits to existing info rather than users adding new entries. this means only one line per user and that you have to pre-add emails to that particular screen/sheet.

Allowing the user to add items is critical for a lot of apps. Depending on the app there are plenty of reasons to have the users add rows to a sheet. If you have a whitelisted app, obviously you would have to preload those emails. But if your app was asking the users to say rate a restaurant for example. And leave a specific comment about the place, you would want them to be able to add a row to a sheet.

I was under the impression that he wanted the information modified. ok

Thanks! :flushed:

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