Unable to change appearance aspects of an app

Hey everyone,
I am currently working on an app for a client which is due to go live at the end of the week, and I’m unable to change any aspects of the appearance - for example the “Theme” or “Typography”. When I click on a different theme to the existing one, there is no change. Has anyone experienced this before?

Works for me…

You mean it’s not changing on the device, or in the editor? Design changes on a device can take a little bit of time, but usually you can force close an app and reopen it to force it to get the latest changes. Even then, design and layout changes can take a few seconds to propegate, and I’ll need to do a second force close and reopen.

No guys. This relates to the GDE. Within the GDE, when I select Appearance, none of the controls in the side panel are active. I cannot click / change any of them. Only for this one app and only for the Appearance panel. WTF?

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I’m not noticing any issues here either. Restart the browser and see what happens.

Have tried all the usual suspects, different browser, different device. Will record a quick video.

Here you go …

It’s now spread to the other GDE panels too. Time for a support email I think …

I think so. It just doesn’t like you.

But I’ve been so loyal and caring … :frowning:


Maybe your app is jealous of the other apps.

Possibly. Or maybe it’s so far ahead that it’s been crippled?

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Which browser?
I’m aware that lots of people have been having issues with Firefox recently…

Chrome / Safari this end - and only this app

What if you duplicate the app?

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I have an email into support so will wait and see what they say first. They may want a “status quo” until they’ve had time to test with the support link.


@Mark or @david can you please take a look at this one. I am a bit stuck. Thanks.

Scratch that guys - looks like it’s fixed - will play more in the morning - tks

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