Two people using an app simultaneously

I created what will be a one-time use app.

I borrowed one of the Attendance templates and turned it into a simple check in app for a party with about 100 guests.

I’ve loaded all the guest names into a Glide table.

There will be two of us using our phones checking people into the party.

But when we both try to use the app it says that only one person is allowed to use the app at a time.

I am only going to use this app once for the party on Saturday.

Do I have to upgrade my plan just to use this app for both of us to use it for one night?

Any guidance appreciated please.


Can you show a screen shot of your App Privacy settings? (Settings → Privacy)

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Hi, Hello, in the free plan you can have two editors in your application, although I think what you should do is make your application public so that both can use it simultaneously.

Go to privacy and select public application

If I make it public will ANYONE be able to use it or can I restrict it to just the two of us?

Sorry for these noob questions.

Greatly appreciate your advice!

you can make tabs visible to specific users… make your app public and then create as many tabs as you need… and set visibility to chosen users or whoever gets there first :wink: so they can have their own rooms… you can limit the amount of users in the rooms… and so on

The problem with the password option is that (as you’ve discovered) only one user can be signed in at a time.
My advice would be to make it Public with Email, and then Limit Access to emails in User Profiles.
The Free Plan allows up to 3 Private Users, so that should be fine for your use case.
You’ll just need to ensure that you have User Profiles correctly configured, and add a user profile row for each of the two people that need to use the app.

Actually, just looking again at your screen shot, that’s the old Privacy configuration. So once you choose the “Users in user profiles” option, that’s going to make your App private. But again, if you only want two people to be able to use it, that should be fine.


For your use case, the option suggested by the expert @Darren_Murphy


I added the User Profiles table and associated the fields in the right side menu of the User Profiles tab.

I then entered the info for the three users.

When I went to the Privacy settings and selected Private and “Users in user profiles” it immediately prompted me with a box to upgrade to a Basic plan of $12 per month.

Given the limited use of this app, seems like I just leave it as public and publish it.

(I’ll watch the user profiles tabs to make sure there are no “unauthorized” users I guess).

mmm, it sounds like you’re working in a team that hasn’t yet been migrated to the new team based pricing model.

A way to work around this would be to create a new team, and then move your app into that team.

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Yeah, I’m not on a team.

Just one person dinking around with no-code because I think it’s cool.

do it with a free app open to the public, just set visibility conditions… and if you have sensitive data there, use row owner column

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All apps will migrate to the team based pricing eventually. You don’t have have to be on an actual team. It’s just a folder based system with billing per team folder instead of per app.

You don’t have to pay anything. Under the free plan, you will be able to have 3 private users. It’s what you want, but you have to migrate the app to a new team folder.