Only one user can access published app

I have Starter Plan. My team has 2 persons: me as admin and one other member. I published an app. Privacy setting are:

  • SIGN-IN: required
  • WHO CAN SIGN-IN: Only My Team Editors

The problem is two of us cannot login the published app at the same time. It would display a message:

*** Someone else is using this app
Private personal apps can be used by one user at a time. Please upgrade to allow many users at the same time.

Or if just me login into the published app on 2 different device at the same time, I would see the same error message. I don’t quite get it. I have starter plan with up to 10 users.

I search the knowledgebase and this forum but still could not figure out what went wrong. I appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction.


That sounds like it might be a bug to me. Can you provide a screen shot of your app privacy settings?

Documentation states somewhere that you could restrict access to published app by a password. I am thinking of switching to this method but I could not find how to set password. Looks like glide interface has changed.

Btw, I just upgrade from Free to Starter plan a few hours ago. System might not update my status yet ?

mmm, that doesn’t look right to me. I’d suggest reaching out to Glide Support.

There have been a lot of changes recently with the introduction of the new Team-based pricing plans. I’m not sure if the password option is still supported under the new plans. Even if it is, I don’t think that supported more than one user logged in at a time, so you’d be no better off.

No, I wouldn’t think so. And your screen shot indicates that you’re on the Starter Plan.

Could it be because you aren’t collecting real email addresses? Maybe try toggling that option on if you’re able to?

I don’t want to collect anything. It’s just a simple app that I want to run on multiple devices using my login. The Starter Plan allows for up to 10 users. I understand (implicitly) that means running same app on many devices, using a single login or different login.

Did you contact Glide Support?

There have been lots of changes around plans and privacy settings recently. I have a sneaky suspicion that this is something that might have slipped through the cracks and been overlooked. If you reach out to Glide Support, they should be able to confirm that or otherwise.

Thanks. I just submit a support ticket.

While waiting for Support to investigate, I continue to try using the app on 2 devices. Somehow I was able to access the app on both devices. The warning message did pop up but it did not force quit me so I was able to get in the app.

I then try to login (using the same email registered with Glideapp) on a 3rd device. Again warning pop up, but I was able to get in. I think the warning is probably a bug.

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