Twilio Glide Zap Connect Issue

Hey there, I’m working my way through connecting and testing a Twilio Glide Zap connection. Can someone tell me why I am getting the #N/A error and how to fix it please. And when I replace with #N/A with an actual phone number (with an international code), the column heading turns to REF! Nonetheless, it’s an error message.


The phone field is empty…the other thing is that you are using “;” and “,” this may be causing an issue

Are there any values anywhere in column D?
If there are, that will cause the arrayformula to fail.

In your second screen shot, if you hover over the small red triangle in any of the #N/A cells, an error message will be revealed. What does that error message say?

The error reads, " Error Did not find value ‘’ in VLOOKUP evaluation."
I scrolled all the way down. No values in any column beyond row 21.

But, in my other app, the formula does work. Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing.

In your Users sheet, does column B actually contain the email address?

Have you inserted, removed, or rearranged any columns in that sheet?

Is that first screen shot from your Users sheet?
If yes, then that shows the problem
The email address is in Column C, not Column B.
So you need to adjust the VLOOKUP to start from column C

VLOOKUP(B2:B,Users!C:E,3,FALSE) should do it.

THANKS for walking me through this. That did the trick. If you know if any tutorials that walk me through this, I’d like to have it on file. If not, your time has been valued.

@ThinhDinh did an excellent tutorial on using arrayformulas. It’s almost a year old, but I think most of it is still relevant.

Arrayformulas are very useful, but as the capabilities of Glide are being extended, they are becoming less necessary. Many things that used to require an arrayformula can now be done natively in Glide using computed columns. This is much preferable, as calculations happen on a user device instantly, and delays caused by syncing with the Google Sheet are eliminated.

My general rule of thumb when it comes to formulas is to first look for a way to do it in Glide, and only turn to a spreadsheet formula (or script) as a last resort.

Applying the above to your scenario, you could have achieved the same thing using a relation and a lookup column :wink: