Turn a Button > Form into a Screen?

I created a complex form that is launched from a Button using the Show Form action.
I realized I need to trigger this form from multiple screens.

Instead of adding a new button to the other screens and rebuilding the form multiple times, what’s the most efficient way to trigger this form?

In hindsight I’m thinking I should have made a screen for this form and just use a button action to point to a Form Screen. So is it possible to convert a Form into a Screen? What’s the best way to do this without rebuilding the form from the beginning?

Maybe you can try copying all components from that form and paste that in the new form in another screen, make sure you point it to the same Sheet to see if it works.


awesome-- didn’t realize copy and paste components between sheets feature was released! This should speed things up. Thanks!

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Yes, go into the form, copy all. Create a new form, go into the form screen and paste. Boom.

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