Converting show screen to form/edit screen

I have a feeling the answer may be no, but back in the day when I was newbie, I build out a pretty comprehensive app, but used show screen when editing instead of edit/forms.

With the new pricing based on edits, I need to rewrite these screens. Is there anyway to convert the existing show screen to an edit/form without having to build it from scratch. I want to avoid a lot of pain :slight_smile:

You can copy and paste components. They may not map well, but should get you most of the way there.


Can I copy or access existing custom actions I have created ?

If you copy a component that has a custom action, then sometimes the action will come along with it. Only useful if you are using that copied component…and I find that sometimes not everything will copy.

Otherwise, the answer is no. There is no way to access or reuse existing actions.

Thanks… I just realised why I did show screen instead of edit screen.

I have a record which is being edited in multiple stages, however it seems like I am only allowed to have one edit screen. When I edit a screen in future steps it changes the edit screens for the past steps.

Any ideas ? I can provide more information if required

If you are editing the same record multiple different ways (based on stage), I would put visibility conditions on the components in your edit screen. That way, you can show different components depending on current stage of that record.

I thought about that but I am also recording the current time stamps.

e.g You have a taxi route, you need to go to Point A, B, C at each point I need to get GPS and time at arrival and departure.

So each timestamp is recorded into a different column depending on which stage you are in? Yeah that starts to complicate things. At that point I would explore adding a custom action On Submit with IF conditions that fill in the correct date depending on the stage. I’m not a big fan of On Submit, but this may be a good case for using it.

mmm… I had just thought about that, and was hoping you may have a better alternative, but let me try to see if I can stitch it together.


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