Trying to submit a template

Thanks for reporting!

I’ll let the team know.

Is this happening with apps or Pages?

My case was specifically with apps.


Thanks, still haven’t heard back from anyone

This issue has been reported. The engineering team is working on. No ETA yet.

I’m having the exat same problem, also contacted support but still no answer, customer services is really a downside of this platform

yes i am waiting months for a response on submitting an app to the platform … customer service is by far my least favorite thing about using glide

Can you help the 2 cases above?

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yes no ETA has been the standard response i’ve gotten for months

Agreed. Only way that I solved the issue was to copy the apps to a new Team folder (really from a Team folder back into My Apps).

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We are still working on a fix for this.

@Fiamma_Panerai @jgo113

In the mean time, please try the workaround that @Robert_Petitto is suggesting here.

A fix should be on its way.