Problem with "Submit to Template Store" form

Hello everyone,

I just finished my first application template and would like to submit it to the store. So I filled in all the form fields (they are just hidden in my screenshot) but the “Screenshots” part won’t load. I waited about 30 minutes, tried logging out, using another device, changing my internet connection, but nothing worked. The problem is that the “Next” button in the bottom right corner is still gray and I can’t continue. There’s also something that might be related to this: I published the app privately to record a video of me using it, but I can’t even open the link I get when I click “Publish”… The screen loads for about half a second, then it’s a blank screen. If necessary, I’m on Google Chrome with Windows 11.

Can someone help me please? Thanks,

Hey @alexboutin, the team are working on a fix for this. Sorry for the bumps. We’re addressing it now.

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Thanks Tom!

I am reassured to know that the problem is not with my template.
Do you have any idea when the problem will be resolved?

Have a nice day

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Our pleasure! It’s being worked on right now :rocket: Don’t have an exact timeframe. Though, our engineers are the best in the world. So, very soon.

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Hi Tom,

Could you please inform me here when this problem will be solved? Because I still can’t submit an app template or test it with the Publish button.

Thanks, and have a nice day !

We just merged the changes. We’re going to try to hotfix them into production today :+1:

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Alright, things seem to be fixed thanks! But now I have another problem.
On my app homepage, there should be an “Unlock all features” button which shows up only when the user isn’t logged in (it goes to the Sign In screen). In the editor, there is no problem, but as you can see in the “Try template” preview, when “Anyone” is selected the button is not here…
Could you please help me? Have I done something wrong?

In the editor :

In the preview :

Taking a look now :eyes:

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Hey @alexboutin! Could you raise a support ticket for this app please. Click here. Our talented engineers are going to take a closer look for you. When submitting the ticket with video, please navigate to the page or switch the user in the selector, that would help. We’ll get you up and running pronto!

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Okay done! See you Tom :wink:

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Awesome :sunglasses:

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