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Hi, I created an app for travel industry and would like to sell it on the template store :slight_smile:
However, I don’t have the button “Sutbmit to Template Store” on settings… Can someone explain me why ? Thanks !

You can’t see it under the General tab in settings?

Are you sure you aren’t zoomed in too much in your browser? Have you tried scrolling down on the settings panel?

Hi, no I cannot see it !
But I think I know why, I have a free account. Do I need to have a paid account to submit template ?
Thanks !

I wouldn’t think so. I can see the button on free apps. Do you have a screenshot of what you see in your settings?

Here is what I have

It happens randomly in my apps as well. At first I thought it’s related to whether the app in question was a “duplicate” of another one or not, but seems not to be the case.

Is this an app that you originally copied from a template?


Ahh yes. Forgot about that bit. I believe templates cannot be created from existing templates to prevent copyrighted material from being resold with minimal changes under a different user.

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In my case when the submit button does not appear, it’s an app I take over from a customer. Looks like your logic make senses, it was originally one that he bought from the store. Thanks for the info :smile:

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Hello, yes I begin with a template instead of a blank sheet !
Maybe I have to rebuild from 0… Will try :slight_smile: Thank you for your answers !


It works when I make create from a google sheet ! I have the button :rocket: