Trying to duplicate some values from one table to another automatically

I have values in the ‘Hours Prospecting’ column of the ‘Work’ Table that I need to duplicate in another table called ‘Goal.’ While I have successfully used a lookup formula in the ‘Goal’ Table to replicate these values, I am encountering difficulty identifying duplicate values in the math-type column. My ultimate aim is to create a math-type column that divides the ‘Hours Prospecting’ from the ‘Work’ Table by the ‘Current Hours Prospecting’ in the ‘Goal’ Table. How can I efficiently address this challenge, ensuring the accurate calculation of the division? Your guidance on resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

i believe a math column should work just fine. you can set the values to the columns you want in the equation.

Can you go into more details about the context here? Why do you need the Hours Prospecting value in the Goals table, and what does “duplication” mean in your context?

what l meant by “duplication” is l want to retrieve some values from “Work” Table to “Goal” Table… meanwhile the goal is to set up progress bar to get the values of the division of “Hours Prospecting” value from “Work” Table by “Hours Setting” value from “Goal” Table( like hours prospecting divided by hours setting using math type columns)… kindly note the data source of the progress bar component is from “Goal” Table… the issue is that l tried using lookup column to retrieve the values from “Work” Table to “Goal” Table but the math type column did not display the lookup column at the replacements(l guess it only displays date, text, number components)

If each of your tables has just a single row, then the simplest option would be to use Single Value->First columns to fetch whichever values you need.

The reason the lookup wouldn’t have worked as you expected is because if you target a lookup directly at a table column, then it will return an array. Which can’t be used in a single value display component.

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