Same Column in Different Tables

Need a little help here. This is probably a very dumb question, but here goes.

My app has a date field that the user dumps into the app. It is the first column in the app. To the right there’s another column of user data and then a bunch of calculation columns filling out the table. I would like to create a second table that starts with the exact same dates from the user and then does a few more calculations that I can then graph. Perhaps adding this second table is a bad idea? Anyway, is there a function or way to just copy the same data into the second table or do I need to make a reference column and run a lookup?

In excel it would just be a straight “=” function. So using the below example…in Table 2 it would just be =“Table 1 A1”, =“Table 1 A2” …

Table 1

Dates (A) Widgets (B) -------> Calculations ----------->Output
User Input

Table 2

Dates (A) -------> Calculations—> Graph
Copy of the
User Input

If you are always grabbing values from the first row in the first table, then I think a Single Value column in your second table should work well.

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Two answers:

(1) If your tables represent exactly the same objects, then it might be a good idea to stick to one single table. Why do you wish to have two separate tables?

(2) If really you wish to copy a table and you want the two tables to be in sync, here is how you can do it:

  • Create a destination table we’ll call Copy. The following happens in Copy.
  • Create auto-incrementing row indexes (Row ID → Lookup of Row ID column → Find index value of the lookup column). This will give you row indexes/row numbers, starting at 0, and it will increment with each new row.
  • Create a Single Value column configured as follows: From Start → RowIndex → Value you want to copy from the original table.

If the size of the original table is fixed, then you can do a right click on the table and duplicate it.


Thank Nathan.

As to question (1) that’s part of the experienced advice I was looking for. I know the pros/cons from and additional tab in excel but I’m not a programmer and I’m trying to better learn best practices. I’ll probably keep it in the same table.

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