Copy/paste relation columns to tables

Hi, I have different business set in different tabs on the google sheets.
I’ve created some columns(math/relation/lookup) in the table function. Is there a way to paste them to my other tables without having to recreate them manually?
attaching screenshot:
Thank you

No, that’s not possible.

But if you find yourself wanting to re-create the exact same columns in multiple tables, that could be a sign that your data structure might not be the best.

Just looking at your screen shot, it looks like each of your tables might be representing a different category of the same (or similar) thing. Do each of your tables have the same set of columns?

If they do, then you absolutely should combine them into one single table, and then add a Category column. This will save you a LOT of work in future with your App.


wow thank you, very much appreciated. You have definitely shown me a whole new set of possibilities!

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