Trying t link Customer & Contact History via Column values and Relations

I made a Loom video to walk through an issue I’m having with linking my Prospect Table to my Contact History Table in my CRM.

I"m doing something wrong with either the form or the relations in the database but I’m not sure what.

I’ve watched the tutorials and something isn’t clicking.

Can you verify that your relation is set up correctly? Based on your form, it looks like you are filling the Next Step and Prospect ID columns, but what you showed was a different Prospect ID (…) column. I suspect your relation is using the wrong column, and based on the last row that was written, the form is writing the values as expected.

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@Jeff_Hager that is probably it but I’m struggling to resolve it. I am going into the relation columns and seeing use cases. Contact History is related to Prospect ID, and vice versa, in both tables.

Looking at the Data Sources (Tables) here is what I see.

Table: Prospect List
The unique identifier for a row is Prospect ID
The Relation column for Contact History from this table is showing usage of Prospect List > (relation) Contact History

Table: Contact History
The unique identifier for a row is a formula of a few columns
The form seems to be trying to populate a column called Prospects ID 2 and not the Prospect ID.

When in the Layout screen, my form has Columns of Prospect ID
The destination is the Contact History table.

If I go into the Contact History table and hard key in the Prospect ID into Prospect ID 2, then that contact event shows up in the log of contact history on the Propsects table.

So, is my relation broken on the Prospects table or the Contact History table?

Or both?

The usage screenshots don’t really tell me much. How are your relation columns configured? Which columns are they linking together?