Structuring CRM databases for the prospect journey on mobile

Hi Gliders,

I’m prototyping a new CRM tool as an internal tool. I"m struggling a bit with the database structure and I would love some tips.

I get updates to a Google Sheet with new leads as they come in. I’m trying to turn that into an app so I can better track their prospect journey across the whole team.

I’d like to have a tab in the app for:

  1. Each new prospect on the sheet
  2. Which prospects are top priorities by labeling them as hot, warm, cold, dead
  3. What offering each prospect is looking for

I assume that I want to edit the prospect journey in Tab #1 but it doesn’t seem to be allowing me to edit there.

So you have leads combined all in a Sheet? I think you can have a single tab to show all of them, then:

  • Add a column to label the prospect
  • Add an If-Then-Else column to convert the label to a sortable number. Say hot = 4, warm = 3, cold = 2, dead =1
  • Sort the inline list on the tab by that number, desccendingly
  • Other info can go into each details view of the propsects

I’m going to try this out! Thank you.

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