Trouble Editing in the note tabs & Google Sheet Error

Hey guys,
I think I may have done something in my Google Sheets that is preventing me from editing any of the note component boxes on my computer, but when I try it on my phone, I can edit for my particular user. Also, in my Google Sheets section, I accidentally deleted some items from the staff (public) tab, so I copied and pasted from my user profile tab, but the ROW ID column in the staff (public) tab is pink. I know I messed up, but I’m not sure how to correct this to get it back to how it was initially so that I can go back to editing in my app in the note sections. Thanks and I hope this made sense.

Perhaps this helps.

You can try to revert the Sheet back to before the problem happens.

How would I do that?


You click the “Last edit…” text here in your Sheet.

Then find the right version to “Restore”.

I still don’t see how you were able to get to the last edit screen. I have my sheet opened, but can’t figure out how to get it to the last edit screen. Please walk me through it Thanks.

At the top of google sheets, there’s some text that tells you when the sheet was last edited. Click on that and it will show you the history of all changes.

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Go it. Thanks Jeff!