Triggering the addition to a Glide table row on creating Google Workspace user

Has anyone ever created an integration with Google Workspace to trigger adding a new row into a Glide table upon the creation of a new Google user? Here’s the application: I have multiple Google Workspace accounts for the companies we operate. I used Glide to create a master user directory for employees using exported data from each Workspace account. Now I’d like to create a trigger whenever a Google Workspace user is created to add them to the directory. I realize this would require Zapier or something similar, but I’m wondering if it’s been done and how well it works before I try to tackle it.

With, I believe you can do this:

  • Add an initiator module to “Watch Users” created in your Google Workspace.

  • Add a HTTP module to add a new row to your table if you’re using Glide Tables, or a Google Sheets/Airtable module if you use those.
1 Like does allow me to set up the “watch users” module, and it seems to work. But when I go to connect it to Glide it shows it in the list and then says “module not found” when I click on it. When you say “add a HTTP module to add a new row” I’m not sure what you mean. I’m using Glide Tables so is there a way to add a row using an HTTP call?

Thanks ThinkDinh,
Using what you shared I found the API documentation and was able to get this automation created with It worked perfectly. Thanks!

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Great to hear! Yeah, Glide doesn’t have an “Add row” action yet, so for now we have to use the HTTP module to make a call to the Glide API.

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