Automatically create Glide User record from Contacts table in Airtable base

I am using Airtable as the database for my Glide app. Is it possible to create a new record in the Glide user table when a Contact record in Airtable matches certain conditions?

For instance, when a Contact in my Airtable base gets assigned Status = Closed I want to automatically create a new record in the Glide user table with the name, email and a few other bits of info from their record in my Airtable base (Image, RecordID, etc).

I tried to see if there was a module for Glide but it did not seem to be working properly (I got an error message “No module found”).

Thanks a lot!

If you have access to the Glide API (Pro+), you can use a HTTP module and follow Glide’s syntax to add a new row.

That’s assuming you can trigger a webhook payload to be sent to Make when the record is changed to “Closed”.


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