Google form used to signup into a Glide User table

Can a google form update a Glide User table? Has anyone tried this?

A friend has a google form that is used for signups (it is a complicated sign-up) in their web-site. They want to move over to Glide and use Glide tables. The would sign-up via the sheet, use the GlideAPI - addrow() - to the user table and then log in to Glide Pages.

Does this make sense or should he stick to google sheets for the user table and use the google form to populate the table?

Disclaimer- I know very little about google forms and how it interacts with anything.

I would imagine you can use Make to trigger a scenario every time a Google form submission is sent, then add a row to the Users table in Glide through the API. It would be absolutely fine to do it with Glide Tables, you don’t need to resort to Google Sheets to do this.

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