"Trigger Webhook " Action Not Working

For starters, I am using n8n.io as my actual webhook.

In n8n.io, I have built a webhook to receive some information. It looks like this:

In Glide, I have copied that exact URL from the webhook and made a Trigger Webhook action on when a button is pressed. That action looks like this:

I also have logs from my action showing that the Trigger Webhook action is triggering on Glide’s end:


My n8n.io webhook is never receiving the Trigger Webhook action.

I reached out to Glide support who told me it is an issue with the URL.
The thing is, I know it’s not an issue with the URL because I have tested the same URL on Postman and ThunderClient which can trigger my webhook completely fine.

I have also remade both the n8n.io flow and the Glide webhook many times just to make sure.
Glide support also informed me it is a 404 error, meaning that Glide cannot find my n8n.io webhook.

I am pretty much at a loss right now. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

Interesting response I had when I try a n8n webhook with a call from Make.

Ah I know why now.

First, make sure you test with the “Test URL”. Click the “Execute Workflow” button instead of the “Listen For Event” button in the webhook module (I’m not sure why, in my case “Listen For Event” did not work)

Then, the damn thing (sorry for the curse word, it got me frustrated) that made it not possible to test is because HTTP Method is set by GET by default. As we’re sending data by POST, it must be set to POST.


And voila, data is here.

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Then, change the status of the scenario to “Active”, test the “test webhook” URL once more, and then start using the “production webhook”. I got it to work.