Webhook action

Hi there… new to glide, and have setup an action after a form submission to send the data and values via webhook. However, I’m finding it not always triggering. Is there a log file anywhere where i can see if glide is actually sending each time the trigger occurs.


Click the three dots in your screenshot and try the logging option.

Is it your own webhook or from a third-party service like Make or Zapier? Do you have computed columns amongst the values you send to the webhook?

when I look at the log files, the webhook is one of 3 actions, and is not always triggering the step… and I can’t figure out why. I’m using webhook.site, which pretty much logs all attempts made… its strange, sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t… and the same method of form submission is being used constantly. Any ideas?

What does the webhook payload look like, and how is it generated?
Is there any possibility that the payload may be empty sometimes - I believe that would cause it to fail.

Just as aside, I’m not sure how much those logs can be trusted. I’ve seen instances where it shows that an action has run successfully when I know for a fact that it hasn’t.

You can see here in the logs, that sometimes it sends 2 and sometimes 4 of the actions… however, there are no conditions that would prevent it from skipping the last 2. In each occurrence, a new row is being added to the table… just the last two actions (which include the webhook) are not triggering. Its driving me crazy

I don’t always trust On Submit. It’s mostly likely that your actions are trying to run before the row has finished adding. You can try adding a Wait action to give it some time for the row to add before triggering the webhook.

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